“ Our goal is to get players to understand the choices they have when it comes to dealing with doubt, fear, anxiety, frustration, challenge.

Elite Approach trains players to control their self talk in a positive way, while being calm and consistent in the way they approach game situations. ”

Joe DeRing, Elite Approach Founder


In partnership with Empower Adventures Tampa Bay, Elite Approach uses adventure to help young athletes improve their mindset on and off the field.

It’s time we start teaching young athletes how to deal with pressure and adversity. It’s time we start teaching them that failure is not final and that it is a necessary part of being successful in sports.

Elite Approach uses experiential activities like zip lining, climbing, rappelling, traversing, leaping and other adventures to help athletes build confidence in themselves, learn how to overcome their fears and control their self talk so they can maximize their talents and abilities on the field.

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